Triaxe Folding Scooter Now Available at HomeCare Plus!


Lightweight Aluminum Construction

-Lightweight, the aluminum scooter is durable enough to carry a rider up to 375 lbs yet folds flat in seconds for easy storage and transport.

Rear Wheel Drive

-The powerful 24v 180w rear-wheel drive, the brushless motor makes for a stable, smooth and dependable ride.

Easy Paddle Acceleration

-The paddle acceleration with electromagnetic braking makes the Triaxe Tour simple and safe to operate.

Durable - 375lb Weight Capacity

-The lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to get you through an entire day of shopping, sightseeing or getting out and about.

Electromagnetic Brakes

Folds Flat for Transport & Storage

-Freewheel mode allows the scooter to be conveniently pulled along like a suitcase. The Triaxe Tour folds compactly and will fit in the trunk of most vehicles easily.